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BlueShares for the BlueEconomy - TREEEC

02.08.2020 / Tai Kriegeskotte

BlueShares for the BlueEconomy

The economy of the future needs financing possibilities of the future

A platform for start-ups has become the most innovative and ambitious project for financing (almost) every type and size of business worldwide. With the BlueEconomy, TREEEC is building the economy of the future, based on responsibility for our world, economy for all, cooperation, value kept and sustainability. This requires financial instruments beyond speculation and greed for profit, which are simple for companies and solid for investors.

The BluShares of TREEEC are participation certificates that any qualified member company can use to raise equity capital similar to a stock exchange. Via the T:XCHANGE trading platform, these certificates can be placed and traded in real-time quotation.

Whether the vegetable farmer in Kenya, who wants to build up a business with further processing from a small farm, the automotive supplier in Germany, which is shaken by Corona but has technical substance, or the conglomerate in the USA, who wants to build up markets in the Third World in a cooperative and sustainable way – they all can use the BluShares if they commit themselves to the BlueEconomy in the sense of TREEEC.

Those who are clear about what we have to do to save our future and how we have to change our economy for it will quickly realize that this is not a niche project, but something that will have a lasting impact on the business world. For it to happen, this important project must be carried out consistently against resistance and with the support of all those who want to save our world and our future.

02.08.2020 / Tai Kriegeskotte