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“Blue” supply chain now! - TREEEC

20.08.2020 / Tai Kriegeskotte

“Blue” supply chain now!

TREEEC is ready to participate and act.

With the campaign “MAKE THE SUPPLY CHAIN BLUE,” TREEEC has made it its theme and active field of action to ensure humane and environmentally friendly production worldwide. In Germany, we support the initiative, but we go a decisive step further: We do not rely on governments and politicians, but take things into our own hands.

Tai Kriegeskotte, one of the initiators of TREEEC, has joined the initiative of to send a corresponding request to the German Federal Minister of Economics Altmaier. Tai was the 3,756th sender to send an email to the Federal Minister of Economics via the website of However, he changed the given text in the sense of TREEEC and further demands.

This is the email text sent by Tai Kriegeskotte to Federal Minister of Economics Altmaier:

An end to inhumane and environmentally destructive production – supply chain law and “blue” supply chain now!

Dear Federal Minister Altmaier,

we at TREEEC and especially I as one of the initiators support the exemplary initiative of But more than that, with our supplementary campaign “MAKE THE SUPPLY CHAIN BLUE” we will focus our efforts on consistently demanding the observance of human rights and outlawing environmental destruction. At the same time, we will play an active role in making supply chains “blue” and ensuring humane and environmentally friendly production.

Too few companies have so far implemented such measures voluntarily. Irresponsibility of the economy cannot be tolerated either in Germany or internationally. However, positive approaches must be strengthened locally, both at the production plants and at the customer companies. Companies of all sizes must be included.

As a basis, an effective supply chain law that protects people and the environment must be swiftly put in place. This must include all companies. We urge you to play a constructive role in this process and to stop delaying and diluting it.

Germany must now adopt an effective supply chain law. The German government must actively participate in the upcoming debate on an EU regulation.

We will not limit ourselves to merely demanding, but will constructively contribute to this through our own actions. Anyone who works against this must be publicly called to moral responsibility, which we, as an organisation associated with the press, will also support.

Dear Federal Minister, please stop standing in the way and support the initiative of as well as our ongoing campaign.

We are available to participate and act in Germany, Europe and internationally. Take advantage of our support.

With best regards
Tai Kriegeskotte