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TREEEC starts in Venezuela - TREEEC

20.08.2020 / Johan Obdola

TREEEC starts in Venezuela

One of the first country, TREEEC is opening up in Latin America is Venezuela.

One of the first country, TREEEC is opening up in Latin America is Venezuela. A nation marked by the worse political and humanitarian crisis in Latin America, including violent crimes, political conflict and the biggest forced migration in the region, with more than 5 million Venezuelans fleeing their country, with thousands of Venezuelan refugees located in Brazil and Colombia. 


Additionally to this humanitarian crisis, the indigenous people from Venezuela are one of the most vulnerable sectors of the population. The systematic extermination of indigenous people located in a gold and diamond-rich areas is dramatic. According to our partner the Venezuelan indigenous NGO Kape-Kape, there is not an official number of indigenous killed by the regime that controls most of the exploitation of these minerals, with the support of guerrillas and criminal groups, including terrorist organizations. However, Kape-cape estimates that hundreds of indigenous have been massacred by these groups. Besides this situation, total lack of medical aid, exposure to illnesses including COVID-19, and starvation have forced indigenous out of their natural environment, escaping to urban areas and to near border countries (Colombia and Brazil) where they are rapidly exposed to more challenging situations. Lack of serious programs to protect indigenous people, besides environmental degradation has a massive impact on the most vulnerable population. Only for the Venezuelan indigenous Waraos, located in the Delta Amacuro state, the situation is serious. Before 1990 the population of Waraos was estimated by 125,000; in the last 20 years, the number is around 35,000 and rapidly extinguishing.  

Human Trafficking 

Other issues that are a growing concern on regards to the crisis Venezuelans are facing is Human Sex Trafficking. Since 2016 when the Venezuelan crisis took a dramatic level, in term of lack of food, medicine and health care, transnational crime initiated a national operation on human sex trafficking that has reached a dramatic level. Thousands of young Venezuelans are a victim of this crime. Hundreds of them have disappeared in the intricacies of this international criminal operation, and many have been reported as killed. The Caribbean, Europe, Asia Latin America and the Middle East are the destinations where these young victims are transported and exploited by these criminals organizations. As a clear example of these cases is Trinidad and Tobago, where a young Venezuela female is sold for US$300. 

TREEEC in coordination with our partner organization, iVenezuela.organd under the direction of IOSI.GLOBAL is creating an international task force integrated by experts to conduct a detailed investigation on this case, as well as requesting governments and international public organizations for their involvement in this investigation, and support of these victims of human sexual trafficking.

Crime and Terrorism, Corruption and Money Laundering 

Venezuela has the highest homicide rate on the continent with 60 per 100,000 inhabitants, according to the international organization Insight Crime. For the third consecutive year, Venezuela tops the list of the most violent countries not only in the region but in the world, according to the study. Just in 2019, ONGs in Venezuela registered 16,500 homicides and the number would be higher. The previous year, there was a registration of 23,047 homicides. These crimes are committed by violent criminals groups, pro-government paramilitary groups and by State security forces. During the last 5 years, more than 13,000 hard criminals groups have emerged in this nation. Besides criminal groups, Venezuela has become a hub for global terrorism and radical groups, including a complex national structure of terrorist groups such; Hezbollah, ISIS, FARC, ELN among other groups.

It is registered that during the last 20 years, more than $300 billion has been stolen from this country. Cash and tons of gold and diamonds have been taken and criminal and corrupted officials have and are moving this stolen wealth to several countries around the world.

Together for a Humanitarian Cause.


TREEEC has decided to step in helping on the humanitarian crisis in Venezuela, providing short and long term effective support to some of the most needed aid to its most vulnerable population not only inside the country but in other nations where the majority of refugees are located. To reach our goal, we will be working in cooperation with local, regional and international NGOs, and public global organizations working already operating in the region.

In cooperation with NGOs and business members of TREEEC, we will implement, in a short and long term, humanitarian and development programs including:

  • Emergency Management 
  • First Aid and Ambulatory Health Care 
  • Food Programs 
  • Security Programs
  • Economic Development 
  • Own EcoCosmos for the restart of and for new companies
  • New valuable