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TREEEC - Talked to Eugenia how to explain treeec

03.09.2020 / Tai Kriegeskotte

How to best communicate TREEEC?

I brainstormed about that with Eugenia

Yesterday I talked with Eugenia, Daniel and Torsten about the TREEEC website and how we can best communicate what TREEEC is and should become. What Eugenia said was most interesting for me: “We need to move fast and act because people are waiting for solutions. Before doing so, people need to understand what those solutions are.” She went on to say that her generation was very critical of products and fraud, etc.

Do the people who want to become members of TREEEC really need to understand what all these solutions are? In general, they should know without question or at least be able to guess what TREEEC has already developed in order to effectively realize the vision and idea. There is actually quite a lot that has been done within TREEEC and is ready to be implemented. This is both fundamental for the functionality of TREEEC like TREEEC MONEY, but also very special for economy between all regions like the Comitation Business or especially sustainable technical solutions like our mobile smartphone.

Please no misunderstandings

TREEEC is not only a visionary, but also a very complex thing, the work of years. To want to understand this at the first go is not an easy task. But under no circumstances should it lead to the misunderstanding that all conceivable solutions already exist. TREEEC is not a company that develops and distributes any “products”, but an organization and community that wants to build a new economy and save our future. The lead projects and solutions are at the same time catalysts to connect member companies with it. These companies contribute their own possibilities and solutions regionally, nationally and internationally. For their own benefit, for the benefit of the regions and countries whose economic development is supported by TREEEC, and for the benefit of the entire community.

As a strong community and platform for companies and individuals, we build a new and better economy for all with the help of TREEEC MONEY. The members, companies as well as individuals, benefit most from it themselves. This new economy, the BlueEconomy, is a prerequisite for the BlueFuture, which we want to create so that we have a future.

Must we reach everyone?

Another comment from Eugenia was: “We need to simplify the message to the language that a person with no knowledge of finance, markets, etc would understand. If we want to reach the common people, this is crucial and mandatory.” Here I fully agreed with the first part of her statement, but expressed concerns about the second part. It cannot be assumed that everyone understands the mechanisms and terminology of economics and finance. Therefore, simple explanations are needed. But even though anyone can become a member of TREEEC who accepts our principles, we are first and foremost a community of “doers”, companies as well as entrepreneurial thinking people and people who are connected to the economy or who participate or want to participate in the economy. Only if we act and “do” and are able to do so, especially by private members actively participating and contributing their commitment, knowledge and experience, we can build a new economy and a better world for everyone.

Proud to be part of our community

Membership in TREEEC is also not a one-way street. Everybody can become a member, I already said, but if he or she does not understand or does not want to understand TREEEC, then “one” should let it be. Even those who only expect advantages without wanting to be part of the community getting involved for others are wrong with us. TREEEC is not an advantage club for cheaper shopping or nice entertainment, but a community of people who are aware of their responsibility for their fellow humans all over the world and willing to act. There is no question that the members should then also have advantages, and that in a special way, because they deserve it. TREEEC will refuse to accept someone as a member who does not bring along this awareness and from whom a fundamental commitment can not be expected. Companies must meet clear criteria in order to be integrated as BlueCompanies, but so must private members. Whoever is a member of TREEEC can be proud to be part of a special and particularly important community.

Such conversations and especially the exchange with people of the younger generation inside and outside of TREEEC are helpful for me to make my soon to be published book “THE FUTURE IS BLUE”, which is also supposed to be the “manual” for TREEEC, understandable. It should reach many people, but especially those who are aware of their responsibility and are willing to act.