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Time to rip the cord - TREEEC

21.09.2020 / Eugenia Montiel Aceti

Time to rip the cord

We have to take action ourselves… because no one else will!

TREEEC is a visionary as well as a pragmatic idea whose time has come. The financial crisis of 2008 was due to the greed of banks, the irresponsibility, as well as the indifference of politicians, and a series of designed errors caused by our financial system. Since then, nothing has changed. Tomorrow we could likely face a worse crisis with all the leading fiat currencies collapsing.

Leading countries have not been able to make effective changes to address this issue. The imbalances between industrial, emerging and developing countries are getting dramatically wider. War and hunger prevail in many places around the world. Climate change, caused by our conception of limitless growth, exacerbates already existing issues and creates additional crises.

All of these issues posed a dramatic challenge to all of us, as something fundamental had to be changed. Before the crisis of 2008, most of us were not aware of such dramatic projection. Positive and encouraging speeches are not enough; people have become aware of the weaknesses of our financial system which is ready to crash once again, not only due to COVID-19.

Why a BlueEconomy?

We strive for a BlueEconomy because we believe that a fair balance between industrial, emerging, and developing countries is possible. We believe that we can build a better world based on cooperation, sustainability, mutual trust, and fairness. Above all, with the foundation on real value. In this sense, we believe that our solutions can provide a more livable and safer ground for everyone.

The gold standard was the measure of all things at a point in history, and TREEEC will set the example for new times to come. Up to this day, we have managed to create the best possible money, and the possibility of a new economic system that connects everyone even in the remotest regions. We are a win-win model for everyone involved, whether it is within the private, business or public sphere. We have inclusive solutions, but we can only build this vision, the BlueFuture, and make it even better, together.

21.09.2020 / Eugenia Montiel Aceti