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TREEEC - Everything you should know why we build a new economy

We take action

To save the Future and create
a new economy and a better world

With TREEEC WORLD PROJECT, we have created more than just a movement, namely a concrete and feasible model for a new economic structure and a new form of cooperation between countries, regions, companies and people.

It is no longer in question that the destruction of our environment, the exploitation of poor people, weaker people, and that the imbalance between regions and countries cannot be stopped. We must immediately act because otherwise we will quickly reach the “point of no return”.

Let us create the (real) change.

We want valuable money and a valuable economy.

Because 90 percent, some say 99 percent, are only financial gambling with hollow money.

We want solid companies that are a stable anchor even in crises.

Because at present, every shutdown kicks off yet another economic crisis and collapse of the system.

We want companies whose success is shared by owners and employees alike.

Because at present, owners and employees are stuck in an absurd competition to the detriment of the companies and people themselves.

We want a humane economic system and a fair economy for everyone.

Because too many people are being exploited, do not even participate in the economy, and live in poverty.

We want sustainability instead of the exploitation of resources and destruction of the environment.

Because the current growth mania only rewards mass consumption and irresponsibility.

We want a partnership that deserves this name for all regions worldwide.

Because the gap between rich and poor regions is getting bigger and bigger, and the economic imperialism of large corporations only serves to fuel this development.

This is why we build the new economy.

New Money. New Economy. New World.

Let us make the economy blue.
Otherwise, there will be no future.

  • We are getting rid of financial gambling, and profit at any price. TREEEC MONEY (TRM) is the most intelligent and valuable alternative currency for this. We have combined it with an interest-free clearing and financing system; as a result, conventional banks become dispensable.
  • We are building a new, real and sustainable business world, the BlueEconomy. We do not rely on governments and politics. We are taking matters into our own hands to save our future.
  • We are creating the BlueFuture that is worth living for all people. Members worldwide help and support each other. Regions around the world are connected fairly, and cooperatively. Member companies can use this new economic EcoCosmos even more advantageously.
  • Our future is not negotiable. It must not be left to irresponsible politicians, financial gamblers and profiteers.

The living and active BlueCommunity

Individuals and businesses working together

Members of TREEEC form a closed community as they are united on the basis of a co-operative. Individuals as well as companies, organizations and even public institutions can become members. The system exists for people, and not the other way around. Private members receive support in (almost) all areas of life and can, for example, enjoy exclusive health and safety benefits, special educational opportunities as well as all the goods they need.

Companies of all sizes that abide to TREEEC’s standards for internal organization, a humane and an environment friendly way of production as well as a similar way to do business, can achieve real growth in value and sustainable profits.

TREEEC is not obliged to accept everyone as a member. Anyone who does not adhere to the principles of TREEEC stays out.

Our blue Organization

A complex structure for complex tasks

TREEEC WORLD PROJECT is the ideational roof and stands for the vision of a new and better world. This is associated with the movement for a BlueFuture. We have to create this, so that we and our descendants have a future at all.

The Foundation

TREEEC was set in motion in conjunction with a Swiss foundation, which is also the majority owner. This foundation still finances the project and its development to this day.

The Troika

Representation to the outside is carried out by a troika of three persons. They are particularly committed to the goals of TREEEC and want to realize them together with us.

The Council

In the connected TREEEC WORLD COUNCIL the personalities are represented who want to contribute to the success with their advice and contacts as promoters and supporters.

TREEEC as a whole project is carried by three pillars. Each of these pillars is an indispensable part and area of the whole. In their functions, the areas complement each other, but also have great autonomy under the coordination of the foundation.


The new money from TREEEC is value-based, sustainable and the most secure crypto currency at all. In combination with the smart processing and intelligent management platform T:XCHANGE it is the functional basis for the new economy.

TREEEC EcoCosmos

The TREEEC EcoCosmos is the model for global change towards a sustainable, valuebased and future-proof economy for all. It is no contradiction that companies are more profitable and stable in it than outside.

The Leading Projects

Key projects developed by TREEEC that connect countries and regions are ready to start and already underway. They are catalysts for the spreading of TREEEC and turbo for the companies that are involved as business and cooperation partners.

This is how we build the BlueEconomy

A new economic world and an economy for all

Economy must be rethought. Capitalism in its current form is outdated; it must be replaced by Valorism, and the BlueEconomy. On the basis of TREEEC Money, we are building our own EcoCosmos. This will serve as a model for global change towards a sustainable, value-based, as well as a future-proof economy which translates into one economy for all.

Profits are no longer measured in money, but in created value. They will become more sustainable and secure. It is not a contradiction at all that companies in the TREEEC EcoCosmos are much more profitable and stable than those outside of our community.

Through exemplary leading projects, the economic development of regions and countries is supported with tangible value. In this way, structures can be established more quickly, effectively, and profitably and, thereby, balance is established.

Make the Regions Blue

Only with the cooperation of strong partners in strong regions, disadvantaged regions and countries can be developed. Those partners involved from the very beginning have the upper hand for their companies, as well as their countries, when it comes to project participation and the expansion to new markets. Yet, complience with the principles of TREEEC always remains a prerequisite.

Accordingly, BlueRegions are the countries with strong partners that are aware that our future must be saved and the BlueEconomy must be build. It is neither wrong nor a secret, that those regions engage to their own particular advantage.

The region is the basis for all activities

Developing the region and making business integretivly

TREEEC supports for its members the development of regional structures and making business in an integrated way between the regions. This is done sustainably and in consideration of regional interests and the interests of the people. The region is a part of a larger whole in which it should be respected and economically competitive.

Setting our own priorities for the regional development

Special problem solutions are required in emerging and developing countries. TREEEC therefore sets its own priorities with its lead projects for the development of regional areas where structures must be created for its members in order to successfully build up the economy and for a better live.

Regional partnerships for new economic opportunities

Through regional partnerships coordinated by TREEEC, member companies from stronger regions work together with those from weaker regions in joint projects. This creates and expands new economic opportunities for member companies on a fair and sustainable basis. This means more prosperity for all.

TREEEC MONEY (TRM), the best currency ever

Intelligent, value-based, and sustainable money without interest

You have stumbled upon the most innovative money ever seen; in the future, TREEEC MONEY will become the measure of all things.

TREEEC MONEY (TRM) is the most important instrument as well as the basis for the BlueEconomy and the EcoCosmos of TREEEC. It is an alternative, value-based, and sovereign money built on the “Blocktree”, our advanced Blockchain.

We designed TRM to be the most secure cryptocurrency; criminal activities such as money laundering, tax evasion or fraudulent manipulations cannot take place given the structure of TRM. It even works offline and when no infrastructure is available.

TREEEC Money (TRM) is much more powerful than any conventional currency. It does not require interest and remains stable, as price increases and inflation are off the table.

The creation

At TREEEC, the money creation takes place by issuing co-operative shares. These may only be issued if there is enough substantial value to back them. As a rule, such corresponding value is related to: participation in companies, acquisition of company shares, or tangible assets.


Irreplaceable to the money as well as the system

T:XCHANGE is the smart settlement and management platform, not only of TREEEC MONEY (TRM), but many other features that our member companies and private members can enjoy as well. As a transaction platform it processes all kinds of payments, money exchanges, smart contracts, and service exchanges within the TREEEC community of companies and private members.

In connection with TREEEC MONEY (TRM), there are examples of innovative solutions for companies such as the “Comitation Business”, and “Equity Quite Simple”. The former is groundbreaking because business transactions can take place without a bank, and companies can also forget about carrying the risk of non-payment by their counterparts. The latter enables (almost) every “blue” company worldwide to raise equity capital in a simple way with the revolutionary BlueShares.

What about conventional currencies?

T:XCHANGE ensures that TREEEC MONEY (TRM) can be exchanged into conventional currencies at any time, if liquidity of FIAT currencies is needed. An interface of the TREEEC Bank deals interactions between the TREEEC EcoCosmos and TREEEC MONEY (TRM) on the one hand and the conventional economic and financial system on the other.

The BlueShares

Equity for BlueCompanies

Our platform for funding company foundation has become the most innovative and ambitious project of TREEEC. We can finance (almost) every type and size of business worldwide. The BlueEconomy requires financial instruments beyond speculation and greed for profit; as such, ours is simple for companies as well as for investors.

The Comitation

Smart transaction processing

The Comitation business is an another way for smart transactions and settlement forms to take place. It is a business processing and financing model for production and commodity transactions. Companies in (almost) all countries can do business with each other, irrespective of their credit ratings, availability of liquidity and access to the foreign exchange market.

The Recepartation

Smart business development

Recepartation was developed by TREEEC to enable business partners worldwide to use plants, business equipment and means of transport economically and to integrate them cooperatively into lead project areas, even if they do not yet have the necessary know-how, the necessary investment funds and existing customers and sales channels.

Our BlueProjects

Complex Leading Projects with a strategic dimension

On the one hand, our projects are intended to serve as catalysts for a worldwide expansion of TREEEC in order to benefit more and more people joining the growing community of members. On the other hand, it is meant to to act as an engine to spark real growth in value for companies connected to TREEEC as business and cooperation partners.

The complex leading project areas have a strategic dimension, and such integrate main and individual innovative related projects. Our project areas as well as projects, are designed in such a way that companies can be involved as strategic partners or project partners in various levels.

Security, Health, Protection, Help and Rescue
Integrated Services for Members
Better Business for Best Companies
Distinguished Services & Media
Logistics, Transport, and Infrastructure System
Systemic Building & Real Estate Projects