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TREEEC - Everything you should know why we build a new economy

Our blue Organization

A complex structure for complex tasks

TREEEC WORLD PROJECT is the ideally roof and stands for the vision of a new and better world.
This is associated with a BlueEconomy and a BlueFuture. We must create these
so that we and our descendants have a future at all.

The Foundation

TREEEC was set in motion in conjunction with a Swiss foundation, which is also the majority owner. This foundation still finances the project and its development to this day.

The Trias

Alongside Tai Kriegeskotte as the strategic planner are the Foundation Board and the Consortium Board consisting of co-initiators and heads of the operational units.

The Council

In the connected TREEEC WORLD COUNCIL the personalities are represented who want to contribute to the success with their advice and contacts as promoters and supporters.

TREEEC as overall project is carried by three pillars. Each of these pillars is an indispensable part
and area of the whole. In their functions, the areas complement each other,
but also have great autonomy under the coordination of the foundation.


TREEEC his new settlement currency is value-based, sustainable and secure. Combined with an intelligent management and settlement platform, it is the functional basis for the new economy.

TREEEC EcoCosmos

The TREEEC EcoCosmos is the model for global change towards a sustainable, valuebased and future-proof economy for all. Companies are more profitable and stable in it than outside.

The Leading Projects

Lead projects developed by TREEEC, connect countries and regions. They are ready to be launched and are intended to be catalysts for the dissemination of TREEEC and for the companies that participate as business partners.

This is how we build the BlueEconomy

A new economic world and an economy for all

The economy must be rethought. Capitalism in its current form is outdated and must be redeveloped and replaced by Valorism and the BlueEconomy. The master plan for this has been developed by Tai Kriegeskotte, the visionary and initiator of TREEEC.
We are building our own economic world, the TREEEC EcoCosmos, on the basis of TREEEC MONEY (TRM). This is intended to serve as a model for global change towards a value-based, sustainable and future-proof economy, an economy for all.

Profits are no longer measured in money, but in created value. They will become more sustainable and secure. It is not a contradiction at all that companies in the TREEEC EcoCosmos are much more profitable and stable than those outside of our community.

Exemplary Leading Projects provide catalytic support for the economic development of regions worldwide. In this way, structures can be established more quickly, effectively and sustainably. This creates balance and equilibrium.

The current book by Tai Kriegeskotte

The previous economic and social system, and with it the financial and monetary system, are at an end. The task is not to shape the future, but the present, otherwise there will be no future.

Tai Kriegeskotte does not leave it at abstract proposals, but provides the blueprint and the instructions for action for it at the same time.

Publication date of the
new edition:
September 15, 2021

The title cover of the book is referential. The final design is yet to be finished.


The visionary and innovator of TREEEC

Tai Kriegeskotte has developed TREEEC conceptually, structurally and technically. He fights for a new economy in which everyone can participate, so that our future does not go to the wall. As a "Bad Boy" he knows light and shadow.

With his partners and his teams, he accepts the challenge and acts.

The Core Team of TREEEC

Johan Obdola

Partner und Co-Initiator

He is a government advisor and sought-after public safety expert; also a "political brain." He is responsible for TREEEC's international relations.

Daniel Buth


The entrepreneur impresses with his foresight and profound general knowledge. He is the board member of the cooperative and coordinates IT development.

Torsten Mark


As Chief of Stuff and Head of Organizational Development, he is a level-headed helmsman and the interface between Tai Kriegeskotte and the project teams.

Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Rehak


The graduate chemist is a proven networker and interface between research & technology and the project areas. He is head of the KTP BlueTech Institute.

Andreas Klein


The all-rounder with great communicative and organizational skills supports Tai Kriegeskotte directly in problem solving of a special kind.