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TREEEC ICC - The Investment Coordination Center (ICC)


Investment Coordination Office


With the Investment Coordination Office (ICO), TREEEC has created a coordinating desk to bring together valuable, sustainable and future-oriented projects at suitable locations with strategic business partners and capable investors.

TREEEC's lead projects serve as catalysts and provide a framework for integrating suitable projects of a certain size. However, independent projects are also invited and supervised, presupposed they use the TREEEC EcoCosmos.

TREEEC provides its know-how and that of its partners to ensure an effective project realization. Integrated into this are instruments such as equity procurement via BlueShares and BlueCapital and intelligent business systems such as Comitation and Recipartation.

In conjunction with the ICO, projects are identified and structured and suitable locations are qualified for them. Suitable, efficient companies are invited to a strategic business partnership with the aim of a close, participative cooperation or joint venture. Invitations to institutional investors for a sustainable participation are also made either according to the BlueShares model or, if the participation volume exceeds a certain size*, in connection with KTP BlueCapital.

* Currently starting at 500 million USD


icc (at)
Berlin +49 30 34 046 - 1024
New York +1 646 82 87 - 201
Peking +86 139 10 01 30 93