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TREEEC - BlueLocation are Locations for BlueCompanies

World Campaign


Together with KTP, TREEEC develops locations to BlueLocations that meet the conditions for the BlueFuture. There, in conjunction with TREEEC, companies are to be located that qualify for a BlueCompany or BlueXCompany.

BlueCompanies are companies that meet the basic requirements regarding value, sustainability and future viability. BlueXCompanies fulfill in their internal structure requirements beyond that.

BlueTech Business & Industrie Parks are to be developed as master projects in the region of Lusatia (Brandenburg/Saxony) and Michigan (USA).

Basic requirements
of a BlueLocation

In order to qualify as a BlueLocation, where “blue” companies are to be located in a BlueTech Business & Industry Park, a location must meet certain requirements.

  1. The country and the region must have stable legal conditions or be self-governing to a large extend as a special economic zone.
  2. The local and regional political decision-makers and authorities as well as those at the national level must actively support the project to develop the location into a BlueLocation. This does not mean financial support for TREEEC and associated companies, but rather general non-material and practical support including rapid legal approvals.
  3. There must be a development area of at least 500 ha where TREEEC can build and operate a BlueTech Business & Industry Park. In addition, sufficient areas must be available to build or reactivate residential areas for employees of the companies and their families as well as additionally required infrastructure.
  4. On the infrastructure side, at least one direct connection to a highway, a railroad station for container and heavy goods handling, and an airport or commercial airfield (approved or expandable for Cat. A aircraft) must be located within a 10 kilometers radius, or it must be possible to set it up within one year on the BlueTech Park site or directly connected to it. An inland port area (commercial port or works port at least for inland vessels class IV) or seaport area is advantageous. If the area does not feature a port, another should not be further away than 100 km.
  5. A BlueLocation should be located within easy reach of urban agglomerations with schools, universities, research institutes and comprehensive medical care. Accessible proximity means within a radius of 150 kilometers.

Location Transformation to “BLUE”

The transformation of a location to a BlueLocation requires the consistent implementation of the principles of TREEEC and only allows the settlement of “blue” companies and projects.

It is expected that these principles will be implemented at the location in cooperation with local authorities.

TREEEC Business Community

Only companies that become members of the (German) TREEEC Cooperative and thus business partners are eligible for cooperation. Only for these companies the services are available, and only those who qualify as BlueCompanies can settle in a BlueTech Park.

Even independently of a company settlement, the Business Partners represent a strong community that can cooperate across regional and national borders with the help and coordination of TREEEC and use the services of TREEEC.

Chinesische Flagge

TREEEC CoopClusters

The cooperation clusters are priority areas for cooperation with technologically advanced companies in a particular country on innovation and technology projects for third markets.

A good example of such a cluster is TREEEC SinoCoop. During Corona, TREEEC with its office in the Chinese capital Beijing has proven that fast and effective solutions are possible in cooperation with Chinese companies. Even though Germany did not take advantage of TREEEC's support and thus condemned itself to a particularly painful lesson, other countries have benefited and still benefit from it. Together with Chinese companies, TREEEC now wants to offer third countries convincing solutions in all areas of innovation.

BlueLocation Presentation

A BlueLocation and its possibilities for business settlements, especially in connection with TREEEC, must be promoted and advertised effectively. TREEEC tends to this task nationally and, above all, internationally in its own responsibility, as it is a matter of inviting suitable companies to the BlueTech Park, with whom cooperation is mutually beneficial.

It is expected that the site will support the efforts of TREEEC in its own interest and also provide organizational assistance. Not expected, however, are such financial contributions, that would unduly burden the site.

Presentation area on site

TREEEC will set up a presentation area at the site, where the general possibilities of the site and the special possibilities in connection with TREEEC can be presented. It should also be possible to hold information events there. In the initial phase until the availability of TREEEC's own physical infrastructure, the location should provide a suitable space of at least 200 square meters.

Location Guide

In cooperation with DIPLOMATIC Media, TREEEC is responsible for the production of a location guide, in which the location is presented editorially with its hard and soft location factors. This guide will be published online and as a printed version in the local language and additionally in English and all other necessary languages. It is supplemented by a specially marked or separate factual information section on the special possibilities of TREEEC.

International Location Promotion

In cooperation with the offices of TREEEC and KTP in Berlin, Zurich, New York, Vancouver, Dubai and Beijing, as well as with cooperation partners in other countries, BlueLocation is being promoted and interested companies are offered location consulting. This is done from fixed presentation rooms and in the form of road shows and participation in specialist events.

TREEEC Location Services for Business Partners

At the site, a number of services are provided directly by TREEEC and in connection with partners for companies that are Business Partners of TREEEC.

  • Location and investment consulting (subsidies, state, federal and EU subsidies)
  • Project finance consulting (programs for developing and emerging countries of the World Bank, International Development Banks, etc.)
  • “Blue” equity financing (in conjunction with TREEEC's BlueShares, equity can be raised internationally, similar to an IPO)
  • Tender consulting (for participation in national and international tenders)
  • Support for international procurement projects in third countries (including competitive intelligence)
  • Procurement Management
  • Innovation consulting, R&D support and applied technical development services
  • Offset Consulting / Offset Management (for compensation in international procurement projects)
  • Mergers & Acquisitions (advice on corporate transactions such as mergers, takeovers, transfers of companies, leveraged buyouts, outsourcing/insourcing, spin-offs, carve-outs or corporate cooperations)
  • Planning and construction of buildings and facilities (in a BlueTech-Park)
  • as well as legal advice, tax advice and all advisory business services

The BlueTech Business & Industry Park

Structure and functionality

The TREEEC BlueTech Parks are as complex as they are compact business & industry parks for technology oriented innovative companies and for the digital economy as well as for medium-sized manufacturing companies and industry. The companies in the park must qualify as BlueCompanies.

A BlueTech Park can have a focus on a specific technical area, for which purpose the necessary facilities and equipment, for example for inspection and testing purposes, are taken into account.

In addition, each park has a branch office of the KTP BlueTech Institute (formerly KTP tecR Institute), which is responsible for and accompanies technical developments of TREEEC, but can also take over consulting, coordination and development tasks for partner companies and other companies using the park. Via KTP BlueTech further research and development facilities are connected as cooperation partners.

In a BlueTech Park, the companies develop and produce sustainable and future-proof technical systems and solutions for our world. TREEEC creates the necessary infrastructure and provides all media required for operation in a fail-safe manner.

Structure of the parks

Following the TREEEC model, the BlueTech Parks are characterized by an integration of work and life for those working here with their families. For this purpose, the system of TREEEC LivingWorkX and the integrative settlement form of TREEEC KDAB are architecturally and structurally connected in and with the park.

For companies that want to operate business premises within the parks without direct connection to the LivingWorX area according to their specific requirements, TREEEC offers the flexible and modular model of FutureWorX. These are flexibly plannable office and production facilities that meet TREEEC's requirements regarding sustainability, climate neutrality and energy efficiency in a basic architectural park design.

The parks are self-sufficient units, in which all facilities for daily life, childcare, schools and education, leisure and sports, medical care, etc. are available. In spite of the extensive self-sufficiency, integration into public structures and community life is part of the concept. Whereby essential facilities of the parks can also be generally used by the inhabitants of the community in which the park is located.

BlueTech parks in industrialized countries and safe areas of emerging and developing countries are provided with a basic security infrastructure. In problem areas this is extended and adapted to the respective requirements.

The BlueTech Parks always also accommodate operating facilities for TREEEC's own technical project areas. These are basically located in a BlueTech Park and form the development core of the park. Structures from lead project areas of TREEEC, which cannot be integrated into a park or form an independent larger structure, such as the complex civil defense facility RES:Q Citadel or a TREEEC BIZfactory or BIZcity can be infrastructurally coupled with a BlueTech Park in order to achieve cost advantages and a higher utility value.

Size and development steps

The area of a BlueTech Park should be at least 500 ha. In a first step, the areas will be divided into different construction sites and developed with regard to traffic and supply. All facilities such as supply lines, waste disposal channels, roads and lighting will be completed. For infrastructural self-sufficiency, own energy generation plants, drinking water supply and waste water treatment will be built.

In a second step, the LivingWorks “Central Terminal” including outdoor facilities with facilities for daily life, childcare, schools and education, leisure

and sports, medical care, etc., residential areas including TREEEC KDAB as well as commercial and production areas for TREEEC and its suppliers. Since this is based on a modular concept, the areas and facilities can be expanded as needed.

In the third step, office and production areas will be “docked” to the Central Terminal for companies that want to use the park and rent space on a long-term basis. This will be accompanied by the construction of additional residential units and KDABs. Companies can also settle on the other dedicated building plots. TREEEC provides turnkey buildings in accordance with the requirements of the company settling in the park on the basis of real estate leasing or long-term rental.

The philosophy of TREEEC

The planning and development as well as the construction and subsequent maintenance of a BlueTech Park are carried out by TREEEC SystemReal together with cooperation partners.

Construction and real estate projects by TREEEC are not only characterized by their sustainability, climate protection and energy efficiency, but also by their complexity and the synergetic interaction and complementarity of different areas.

In addition, a high degree of innovation is combined with a frequently modular and standardized construction method, while at the same time flexibly adapting to the respective requirements and regional peculiarities.

The properties should also be durable and easily adaptable to progressive technical developments.

The LivingWorX model

Production, research and education, living and housing as well as communicative and infrastructural areas are architecturally and structurally combined into a systemic and organic whole. A livable environment for people is combined with uncomplicated adaptation to production needs.

This meets a worldwide need, especially in emerging and developing countries, to create units that are as self-sufficient as possible, which are exemplary for the entire region and beyond, making effective use of existing possibilities and resources while keeping costs under control. But also in industrialized countries, a complex and compact structure for a productive working and attractive living environment is created in less central locations.

Such private-sector initiatives also relieve the local authorities of the high planning and cost pressure that they face when they have to create the necessary facilities for park employees and their families moving to the parks from other regions in the shortest possible time.

The first LivingWorX will be created in connection with the production of technical developments that are assigned to the lead projects TREEEC PanTerre and TREEEC RES:Q.

The model of the TREEEC KDAB

As an integrative multi-generational housing project, a KDAB offers a liveable environment and a new home for the park employees and their families. In this village way of life in energy-efficient and sustainable construction, adapted to the landscape and building culture of the region, people live together across generations. Solidary help and support for one another, including care for children, the elderly and the sick, is just as much a part of the system as joint village design and maintenance.

The abbreviation KDAB stands for “Small Village by the Brook” and means a multipliable village way of life, in which in the future people can live together “again” bridging generations, especially in countries where larger family structures have been torn apart by industrial development. The design of KDABs in small towns and rural areas is to be horizontal on an area of land that has been landscaped. In large urban areas it is also possible to create KDABs vertically within a larger residential complex. The decisive factor is the integrative principle associated with this.