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Make the Supply Chain Blue - TREEEC

Make the Supply Chain Blue

For humane and environmentally sound production

  1. Moral Distancing
    Cannot be tolerated.
  2. Supply Chain Act
    Yes, but not enough.
    Yes, because we have to take action ourselves.

For humane and environmentally friendly production.

Economic activities that cause environmental damage always endanger fundamental human rights as well. The destruction of habitat for humans and animals shows that the protection of human rights and environmental protection go hand in hand.

We hold companies responsible.

Companies must analyze their risks, take effective measures, and report on them. We demand clear statements from companies and record them in our RiskRegister. This enables everyone to track compliance with clean supply chains as well as infringements, and take appropriate action.

We control producers abroad.

With our RiskInspectors we control companies abroad and make this information available to the companies. In the event of infringements, we will take all possible steps to protect our members.

We help producers with the implementation.

Producers willing to produce in an environmentally friendly and humane manner, but lacking financial resources, can count on our support with financing. This can be done on the one hand by joint issue of our BlueShares and on the other hand by direct participation and support by the buyers.

We cooperate with “blue” companies.

We support companies, that adhere to the BlueEconomy quality standards we have set for them, in marketing their products.

Our partners and supporters