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TREEEC - ProValore. Rette dein Geld.

TREEEC ProValore

The "blue" investment

Valuable - sustainable - future-proof

"I invest my money in real assets."

Triple value secured…and profitable to boot.
Against negative interest rates and to protect against a currency crash.

The Corona pandemic presents us with major problems. Many companies are threatened, and the economy is facing major changes. What will happen to our money, nobody knows yet.

The current money glut may lead to hyperinflation and a crash of the EURO. The value of our money is already sinking, while savers are also expected to pay negative interest.

Therefore one should invest still in time his "old" money not somewhere and somehow, but "blue". At TREEEC, blue means the value-retaining, sustainable and future-oriented investment in the BlueEconomy and companies to which the future belongs.

The TREEEC RES:Q EcoFin Index, which reflects the risk situation of Economy & Finance, has assumed the value “5” of 6 possible index levels and is approaching more and more the “6”: “Occurrence of the risk event. Unanticipated and uncontrollable events”.

There is a threat of high losses up to the total loss of money and assets in EURO. Politicians may be able to prevent hysteria at the present time by glossing things over, but when a crash comes, the awakening will be all the more nasty.

Updated status as of January 29, 2021

The solution is called ProValore

and triple value protection of your investment

FIRST: Through the co-ownership of the cooperative and its values documented by cooperative shares. Cooperatives belong to the safest forms of organization.

SECOND: Through the participation in the particularly stable and crisis-proof TREEEC BlueXCompanies.

THIRD: Through the value-based settlement currency: TREEEC MONEY, which will come into operation this year. Units of TREEEC MONEY are not subject to any loss in value, unlike normal money.

TREEEC ProValore not only solid – but profitable as well!

Don’t say one day I wish I had…
When disaster strikes, it will be too late.

Contact us and request more information!

    The highest-value banknote ever printed and circulated in Germany, worth over 100 trillion marks, was the result of the hyperinflation of 1924. Shown here is Willibald Pirckheimer, portrayed by Albrecht Dürer. Both must have sobbed in their graves. Source:

    There has been hyperinflation in Germany before

    Traditional currencies have not just come under pressure from Corona and are increasingly losing value. The world and Germany are being flooded with money that no longer even needs to be printed, but is created with a click on a computer keyboard. It is no longer even billions, but already trillions.

    There was something like that in Germany almost a hundred years ago, it was called inflation, and what a inflation. When more and more money comes into circulation, not only do prices rise, but there is a crash. In this case the Euro-Crash. We already have massive problems here, but other euro countries are dragging Germany down with them.

    Corona makes the clock tick for the big crash

    Many companies and private individuals can no longer service their loans. For banks and savings banks, the big tremor has long since begun. Worse than in 2008, much worse. Anyone who still relies on deposit insurance or the federal government cannot be helped.

    But even if my money is "safe" there, what do I still do with it when a loaf of bread costs thousands, millions or billions? We've had that too. This time it can be even worse than 100 years ago, because Corona is not over yet. But when it's over, the clock will tick off for the big crash, not only in Germany, but worldwide.

    Germans no longer have confidence in the Euro

    According to a recent survey, more than half of the Germans said: "I no longer have confidence in the euro. Also more than half agreed with the statement: "The crash is coming and will destroy our money". 82 and 78 percent of the German members of TREEEC agreed with these statements.

    Important note

    In January 2021, we launched the fourth tranche of the ProValore option for investing members.

    The current price development of valuable and sustainable investments and tangible assets simultaneously means a loss of purchasing power of Euro and other FIAT currencies.

    This means that the issue price for a dedicated share will rise continuously. The issue price is therefore recalculated and fixed monthly on the 15th of each month.

    In the event of an imminent collapse of the Euro - EcoFin Index Level 6 - or a particularly strong devaluation, we reserve the right to close our offer or to fix the issue price on a daily basis.

    Tranche 1October 201912,00 EUR
    Tranche 2March 202012,80 EUR
    Tranche 3September 202015,75 EUR
    Tranche 4January 202117,32 EUR
    Issue price for units