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TREEEC - THE FUTURE IS BLUE. We build the BlueEconomy

We connect regions.
We connect companies.
We connect people.
We make the economy and the future blue.

New money. New economy. New world.

We build the BlueEconomy.

We are developing a value-based, sustainable and future-proof "blue" economic system
based on stable alternative money and innovative flagship projects.

We set concrete economic projects in motion and develop sustainable technical systems
and innovative solutions for a community of companies and individuals worldwide.

New money is the basis for the BlueFuture

It is not enough to think "blue", you also have to act "blue".
We therefore develop TREEEC MONEY (TRM) an intelligent settlement currency.

Connected are many new possibilities and instruments
for companies for financing, company development and business processing.

The BlueShares

Equity for BlueCompanies

A platform for financing start-ups has become the most innovative and ambitious project for financing companies of (almost) any type and size worldwide. The BlueEconomy requires financial instruments beyond speculation and greed for profit; as such, ours is simple for companies as well as for investors.

The Comitation

Smart transaction processing

The Comitation business is an another way for smart transactions and settlement forms to take place. It is a business processing and financing model for production and commodity transactions. Companies in (almost) all countries can do business with each other, irrespective of their credit ratings, availability of liquidity and access to the foreign exchange market.

The Recepartation

Smart business development

Recepartation was developed by TREEEC to enable business partners worldwide to use plants, business equipment and means of transport economically and to integrate them cooperatively into lead project areas, even if they do not yet have the necessary know-how, the necessary investment funds and existing customers and sales channels.

Blue companies are the backbone of the BlueEconomy

We focus on growth of value instead of growth of profit.

A "blue" economy and strong regions are unimaginable without "blue" companies.
That's why we support companies with well thought-out measures on their way to becoming a BlueCompany.

We help companies to create real value, to act consistently in an environmentally compatible manner
and to develop in an innovative and future-oriented way.

The region with its companies and people

By connecting regions worldwide and creating new structures,
new economic opportunities and new markets are developed.

Companies from developed regions work with existing and new companies
in less developed regions coordinated by us on a fair and cooperative basis.


For blue business location development

TREEEC entwickelt Standorte, die den Bedingungen für die BlueFuture entsprechen und wo Unternehmen angesiedelt werden sollen, die den Qualifikationen einer BlueCompany oder BlueXCompany entsprechen. Als Masterprojekte sollen in der Region Lausitz Brandenburg/Sachsen und in Michigan/USA BlueTech Business & Industrie Park entwickelt werden. Die Transformation eines Standortes zu einer BlueLocation erfordert dafür die konsequente Umsetzung der Grundsätze von TREEEC.

Invest blue and help to build the new economy

With TREEEC BlueShares and the BlueXchange trading system*
companies worldwide can obtain equity capital in a similar way to a stock exchange.

Institutional as well as private investors can invest as members in particularly valuable,
sustainable and future-proof companies and help build the new economy.

* The BlueXchange is currently under construction and will not only meet all stock exchange standards,
but will also offer the highest level of crypto security. It is scheduled to go live in March 2022.