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We are looking for companies

in Germany and the European Union as well as Switzerland and Great Britain

for acquisition and strategic participation

We coordinate projects

The TREEEC Investment Coordination Office (ICO) is the contact point for advice, action and fair equity for projects worldwide.



New Money. New Economy. New World.

"Our world and our future are falling apart. We cannot rely on governments and politicians alone, but must act decisively ourselves. Let us break new ground and put our economy, our financial system and our world on a new, secure and sustainable footing. Let us save the future."

Tai Kriegeskotte

Innovator and “Bad Boy”

Tai Kriegeskotte as an innovator has developed TREEEC conceptually, structurally and technically to what it is today. As a bad boy he knows light and shadow and fights to save our future and a better world.

“TREEEC neither underestimates the power of dreaming nor the human spirit. We believe that we must accomplish the extraordinary, and we shall never be afraid of greatness. Welcome to TREEEC, welcome to the possible.”

Johan Obdola

Government Advisor

He is a sought-after advisor for public security and a committed "political head". He not only knows the problems, but also has concrete solutions behind which he stands and for which he stands up.

New money is the basement for the BlueFuture

It is not enough to think blue, but we must also act blue. For this it needs money that is free from the problems of the conventional currency (FIAT-Money). We have developed this new money. TREEEC MONEY is intelligent money on Blocktree basis.

Connected are various new possibilities and instruments, as for example for companies the BlueShares or the Comitation. In uncertain times like today, it must also be a reassurance for everyone to save their "old" money from a crash by blue investing.

Blue companies are the backbone of the BlueEconomy

We focus on value growth instead of profit growth.

Strong regions and a blue economy are not conceivable without blue companies. That's why we support companies with a variety of well thought-out measures to become BlueCompanies.

Among other things, we support companies in creating real value, acting environmentally consciously and developing innovatively. For example, this also includes blue supply chains.

“Never before have the social and technological possibilities been as breathtaking as today. What have we been doing so far with all the mass-networking, mass-automation and turbo-logistics? Mainly: environmental destruction, population monitoring, and the high-frequency movement of what amounts to electronic scrap. TREEEC is opening up a whole new economic universe.

Daniel Buth

CEO of TREEEC Cooperative

The entrepreneur on the pulse of time impresses with his entrepreneurial foresight and his profound general knowledge. He observes trends and provides impetus. He also coordinates IT development.

The globalized economy in its current form is a discontinued model. What we need is a networked economy between regions and intelligent, future-proof and sustainable solutions such as those offered by TREEEC. With our projects and technical developments, we are creating the conditions for a blue future.

Martin Troll

Member of the Board

The cosmopolitan entrepreneur and manager has a degree in economics and worked in China for a long time. As a designated member of the Board, he will contribute his contacts, knowledge and experience.