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Make Companies Blue - TREEEC

Make Companies Blue

For valuable, sustainable and future-proof companies

We are looking for companies

in Germany and the European Union as well as Switzerland and Great Britain

for acquisition and strategic participation

We support companies on their way to becoming a BlueCompany.

With equity capital procurement that is as intelligent as it is valuable

With the BlueShares, every qualified member company can carry out its own “IPO” and raise equity capital. Without having to be a corporation. Via a proprietary trading platform, these BlueShares can be placed, quoted and traded internationally.

With support for sustainable management and better future viability

We support member companies with change management and innovation management to make them an increasingly valuable, sustainable and future-oriented BlueCompany. “Make the Supply Chain Blue” is just one example of our methodology.

By developing and opening up new markets and customers at home and abroad

We develop disadvantaged regions by strengthening existing companies there, building new ones on a cooperative basis and connecting them with those from partner regions in industrialised countries. In this way we open up new markets and customers on a responsible, fair and sustainable basis.


TREEEC develops locations to BlueLocations that meet the conditions for the BlueFuture. There, in conjunction with TREEEC, companies are to be located that qualify for a BlueCompany or BlueXCompany. BlueCompanies are companies that meet the basic requirements regarding value, sustainability and future viability. BlueXCompanies fulfill in their internal structure requirements beyond that.

We turn our own companies into BlueXCompanies.

What distinguishes BlueX from “just” Blue?

With Blue, we have already set the standard that must be achieved. But that does not prevent us from setting even higher standards for our own companies. While BlueCompanies “only” have to have a WNZ rating of at least 65 points, BlueXCompanies need at least 95 points.

How do we get to these companies?

Quite simple. We take over suitable companies, which we turn into BlueXCompanies, or preferably build them up again with strong partners. These companies meet all requirements for the BlueEconomy and are built up according to the “blue” structural specifications of TREEEC right from the start.

How do we do this practically?

Since such BlueXCompanies are role models for the BlueEconomy and are especially important for achieving the BlueFuture, we activate all possibilities for this. Therefore, we also invite primarily investing members, strategic partners and (blue) institutional investors to participate.