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Make Your Money Blue - TREEEC

Make Your Money Blue

Invest blue, help build the new economy and save your own future (and your money)

If you want to invest your money sensibly today and at the same time save it from economic crises and currency crashs, you should invest it the “blue” way according to the TREEEC model.

“Blue” means the capital investment for investing members in particularly valuable, sustainable and future-oriented companies and related tangible assets. These companies are indispensable not only for overcoming crises, but also for a new economy and for saving our future. To this end, we have developed the “BlueShares” participation model on a cooperative basis for investing members.

For ProValore, the option to secure money and assets, the flexible retirement provision model ProPensio and ProMutatio, the exchange model for capital shares, we go one step further. Here, the investment and hedging is not only done in BlueCompanies, but in BlueXCompanies. These companies, additionally designated “X”, are strategically linked to TREEEC and structured in a special way for even greater value, sustainability and future viability. They also have additional supply tasks in case of crisis or disaster.

TREEEC is open only to members, and only to members we offer solutions, not only financially and economically, but also with regard to personal security, support, and care in times of crisis and need. Only those who are members or become members in time are part of this protective association.

The individual investment models

TREEEC ProValore

The (real) solution is BLUE.

The TREEEC ProValore Option is the solution for a possible financial crash with triple value protection of your investment: Solid, crisis-proof and profitable. Our members can rely on it.