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TREEEC SystemReal Project overview - TREEEC

TREEEC SystemReal

Project overview

Systemic construction & real estate projects

According to TREEEC SystemReal his holistic way of thinking, real estate is always part of an overarching project. Planning and development as well as construction implementation and maintenance are carried out together with cooperation partners.

TREEEC his construction and real estate projects are sustainable, climate-friendly and energy-efficient, combined with a high level of innovation and a modular and standardized construction method that can be flexibly adapted to the respective requirements and regional characteristics.

Projects in implementation

smart business and event system

smart business, event and living city

integrative multi-generation housing project

Projects in current development

RES:Q Refugium
facility for safe emergency accommodation

RES:Q Citadel
resilient catstrophic protection system

BlueTec Park
future-oriented business & industry parks

inegrative production and residential complex

Project overview

BizFactorysmart business and event system
TREEEC KDABintegrative multi-generation housing project
RES:Q Refugiumfacility for safe emergency accommodation
RES:Q Citadelresilient catstrophic protection facility
BlueTech Parksfuture-oriented business & industry parks
TREEECLANDautonomous living and special economic zone for refugees
TREEEC BIZcitysmart business, event and living city
TREEEC LivingWorXintegrative production and residential complex
TREEEC XPLORESystem for new solutions for extraction, recovery and sustainable use of raw materials