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TREEEC - The complex lead projects areas have a strategic dimension

Clear plan. Convincing projects.

We build the new economic world systematically and professionally.

TREEEC has developed key projects that connect countries and regions economically and occupy market positions for responsible and sustainable, yet profitable business. Projects of members and partners are added.

The complex lead project areas have a strategic dimension and integrate related innovative main and stand-alone projects. They are designed in such a way that companies can be involved as strategic partners or project partners at various levels.

Leading projects


Security, Health, Protection, Help, and Rescue

Informing. Preparing. Supporting. Helpinging. Protecting. Rescueing. These are the core tasks of the RES:Q project area. All members worldwide should be able to live more safely and healthily and be cared for.


Integrated Services for Members

Always in close proximity, the members are being actively supported and integrated. For this reason this project area serves private members as an interface to the entire range of TREEEC services.


Better Business for Best Companies

Member companies, from start-ups to corporate groups, are systematically advised and supported in order to utilize all possibilities of TREEEC and TREEEC MONEY for better business development.

TREEEC Panterre

Logistics, Transport, and Infrastructure System

Remote regions are to be developed systematically, quickly, and cost-effectively with a specialized global logistics and freight service and innovative infrastructure solutions and systems.

TREEEC SystemReal

Systemic Building & Real Estate Projects

Independently or as part of other lead projects, innovative and sustainable solutions in connection with construction and real estate are realized worldwide, taking into account the overall system.

Lead projects associated via the supporting organization KTP


Help. Protection. Rescue.

The organization with its solidary and professional services for members extends the possibilities of public institutions and already established aid organizations.

KTP BlueTech

Research & Development

KTP BlueTech is engaged in research and development in various technical fields. KTP BlueTech is a synonym for sensible, sustainable, and problem-solving oriented future technology.