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TREEEC - The complex lead projects areas have a strategic dimension

Clear plan. Convincing projects.

Innovative organizational and technical projects should act as catalysts.

TREEEC develops key projects that connect countries and regions economically and occupy market positions for responsible and sustainable, yet profitable business. Projects of members and partners are added.

The complex lead project areas have a strategic dimension and integrate related innovative main and stand-alone projects. They are designed in such a way that companies can be involved as strategic partners or project partners at various levels.

System projects



Intelligent, value-based and sustainable money

TREEEC MONEY is not only an alternative crypto-currency, but a universal complementary money system based on value, sustainability, responsibility and fairness. Without interest and speculation.

Projects in implementation

  • TREEEC BlueShares
    for the BlueEconomy
  • TREEEC ProValore
    for "blue" investment

Projects in current development

    value based crypto currency
  • Comitation
    smart business processing
  • Recepartation
    smart business development
T:XCHANGE Handelsplattform


The smart settlement platform

T:XCHANGE is the smart processing and intelligent management platform and performs all kinds of payments, money transfers, intelligent smart contracts and the exchange of value added services.

Projects in current development

    the smart and intelligent platform
  • BlueXchange
    trading platform for BlueShares
  • PanXchange
    logistics platform for Panterre

T:SYS System

The innovative communication system

T:SYS is a sustainable communication and data processing system. It has a modular structure and hardware and software is moderately updatable. The core is a modular smartphone with complementary system modules.

Projects in current development

  • T:SysPhone
    modular cell phone
  • T:SysComp
    sustainable modular mobile computer
  • T:SysModules
    smart add-on modules for telemedicine, personal security and other applications
  • T:SysWare
    software for T:SYS


The system area for "blue" technical solutions

BlueTech is engaged in applied research and development in various technical fields. BlueTech is a synonym for sensible, sustainable and problem-solving oriented future technology.

Projects in implementation

  • TREEECtainer
    infrastructure containers

Projects in preparation

  • VOON
    modular hybrid-van

Projects in current development

  • ZOON
    STOL-transport aircraft
  • COON
    urban mobility system
    modular truck
  • T:SysPhone
    modular cell phone
  • eTREE
    innovative energy production


The system area for helping, protecting, rescuing

The organization with its solidary and professional services for members extends the possibilities of public institutions and already established aid organizations.

Leading projects


Security, Health, Protection, Help, and Rescue

Informing. Preparing. Supporting. Helpinging. Protecting. Rescueing. These are the core tasks of the RES:Q project area. All members should be able to live more safely and healthily and be cared for.

Projects in implementation

  • RES:Q Option
    emergency prevention system
  • RES:Q Preperation
    emergency prevention system
  • TREEEC Sunships
    Floating hospice facilities

Projects in current development

  • rqTROON
    modular heavy transport system
  • RES:Q Protection Shelter
    shelter and bunkersystem
  • RES:Q Refuge
    refuges for safe emergency accommodation
  • RES:Q Citadel
    resilient catstrophic protection device
  • RES:Q 1-2-3
    solidary breakdown service


Integrated Services for our Members

Always in close proximity, the members are being actively supported and integrated. For this reason this project area serves private members as an interface to the entire range of TREEEC services.

Projects in implementation

  • TREEEC Media
    webTV, online and print
    integrative multi-generational housing project

Projects in current development

    solidary mobility service
  • Cars 4.YOU
    car system for members
  • Music 4.YOU
    smart concert events


Better Business for Best Companies

Member companies, from start-ups to corporate groups, are systematically advised and supported in order to utilize all possibilities of TREEEC and TREEEC MONEY for better business development.

Projects in implementation

  • BizFactory
    smart business and event system

TREEEC Panterre

Logistics, Transport, and Infrastructure System

Remote regions are to be developed systematically, quickly, and cost-effectively with a specialized global logistics and freight service and innovative infrastructure solutions and systems.

Projects in current development

  • PanXchange
    smart logistic platform for Panterre
    modular truck
  • VOON
    modular hybrid-van
  • TREEECtainer
    infrastructure container system

TREEEC SystemReal

Systemic Building & Real Estate Projects

Independently or as part of other lead projects, innovative and sustainable solutions in connection with construction and real estate are realized worldwide, taking into account the overall system.

Projects in implementation

  • BizFactory
    smart business and event system
  • BizCity
    smart business, event and living city
    integrative multi-generation housing project

Projects in current development

  • RES:Q Refugium
    facility for safe emergency accommodation
  • RES:Q Citadel
    resilient catstrophic protection facility
  • BlueTec Park
    future-oriented business & industry parks
  • TREEEC LivingWorX
    integrative production and residential complex