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TREEEC - The Recipartation is a new solution for business

The Recepartation

The new and pioneering solution for smart business development worldwide

Recepartation was developed by TREEEC to enable business partners worldwide to use plants, business equipment and means of transport economically and to integrate them cooperatively into lead project areas, even if they do not yet have the necessary know-how, the necessary investment funds and existing customers and sales channels.

Recepartation also involves institutionalized cooperation, integration into a business system, know-how transfer including training and further education, participation financing, transfer of use of capital goods, order placement and, in conjunction with comittment, non-payment processing.

The term recepartation is composed of "reception", which means "to take", and "Part", which means "participation".

The example

One example is the lead project TREEEC PanTerre for transport, logistics and infrastructure, where infrastructure facilities, aircraft or vehicles are operated by business partners according to this system. This gives committed and efficient partners in almost all countries and regions worldwide the opportunity to build or expand their business while at the same time developing or strengthening the region's economy. For TREEEC this means easier worldwide market development and correspondingly higher sales of infrastructure modules, aircraft and vehicles, which can be produced and maintained more cost-effectively with the resulting significantly larger quantities.

This model, which was originally developed in conjunction with PanTerre for its own projects ZOON, VOON, TREEECtainer and others, can be used by all users of the TREEEC EcoCosmos for all suitable capital goods.