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The Cooperative - TREEEC

The Cooperative

TREEEC eG in Berlin is responsible for the offers of ProValore and ProPensio.

The acquisition of cooperative shares offered only possible for investing members. The legal basis for this is the membership with TREEEC as an investing member according to § 8 para. 2 GenG of the Federal Republic of Germany and § 4 para. 1 of the statutes of TREEEC eG.

In the cooperative all users of TREEEC and of related project areas are united as members regionally, nationally and internationally.

The cooperative makes investments in its own name and for its own account on the basis of its own investment strategy.

The cooperative is an integrative-associated part of TREEEC WORLD PROJECT through the KTP-CONFIDO FOUNDATION.

Data on the Cooperative


Leunaer Str. 7
12681 Berlin

Register of Cooperative Societies: 756 B
Registration court: AG Berlin-Charlottenburg

Competent Auditing Association

DEGP – Deutsch-Europäischer Genossenschafts- und Prüfungsverband e.V.
Wasserstadt 16–18
06844 Dessau-Roßlau

Represented by

Daniel Buth

Chairman of the Supervisory Board

Klaus Friedrich Kriegeskotte

Chairman of the Investment Advisory Board

Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Rehak

Head of investment control

Jörg-Rüdiger Fischbeck


Statutes of the cooperative
Resolved on December 5, 2013