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TREEEC - TREEEC MONEY is alternative, value-based sovereign money.

TREEEC MONEY is the Fundament

Not just smart money, but a multifaceted economic system

When we talk about money, we usually mean the official currencies like the US-Dollar, Euro, Pound, Yen and others. Especially regionally, alternative currencies have been around for decades to support and stabilize the local economy. During the hyperinflation in Germany as a result of World War I, emergency money came into circulation in many places, which came from municipalities or companies. In recent years, digital crypto-currencies such as Bitcoin have emerged, which are based on a block chain.

From the very beginning, TREEEC has focused on the question of how to construct a money that has the advantages of all these currencies, but avoids their disadvantages and also offers additional benefits and functions. With TREEEC MONEY, shortened TRM, we have succeeded in creating the best possible money. A money with which a new economic system can be connected and built.

In addition, the prerequisites have been created so that TREEEC MONEY can take on further functions as an “intelligent means of payment”. Our claim is even more, that TREEEC MONEY can become a model for the world currency of the future.

The construction plan for TREEEC MONEY has been completed. We at TREEEC have the whole picture in view and have developed solutions to avoid serious disadvantages and vulnarabilities of the classic Blockchain and to improve the functionality and effectiveness decisively with the “Blocktree”.

In summary

TREEEC MONEY is alternative, value-based sovereign money on basis of the Blocktree basis, the Blockchain further developed by TREEEC. It is stable in value, gets by without interest and can do much more than any conventional currency. TREEEC MONEY (TRM) is not only money, but the basis for a complex new economic system based on value, sustainability, responsibility and fairness.

TREEEC MONEY is real money

Money creation takes place only in connection with genuine values

Each unit of TREEEC MONEY (TRM) is covered by a co-operative share, and subsequently by shares of the TREEEC system company, and related real values. In contrast to the conventional currencies, TREEEC MONEY (TRM) is a so-called full money. This means that TREEEC MONEY (TRM) booked via T:XCHANGE, similar to a securities account, remains the property of the member and partner.

Many mistakenly believe that this is also the case with the traditional currencies, FIAT money. In fact, the money in a current account is just a claim on the bank. With a reserve requirement rate of, say, 1 percent, banks can take $1,000 or euros of customer money and deposit it on their own account with the central bank to replenish their reserve account. They can then give another customer a loan of 100,000 US dollars or euros and provide him or her with a corresponding credit balance on his or her current account. 1,000 has become 100,000. A money creation has taken place without any real value. This insubstantial amount is inflated even further by the customer’s lending interest.

If this creation of money cannot be carried out because the money belongs to the customer and not to the bank, only money put into circulation by the central bank will circulate. The banks would then only be intermediaries, which would manage deposits and grant loans for the same amount. Then they would not be able to collapse either.

At TREEEC, money creation takes place through the issue of cooperative shares (and later shares of the TREEEC financial system company). However, these may only be issued if corresponding substantial values become available, either through acquisition or material creation. A credit crunch cannot occur through this process. The amount of money in circulation is not limited and always corresponds to the number of shares issued and the real values associated with them.

Since there are no interest rates in the TREEEC money system, there can be no unsubstantial inflation of the money supply. If in former times the gold standard and the gold cover of the currency was the measure of all things, TREEEC will be exemplary in the future.

TREEEC MONEY is a universal monetary system

It is stable and connected to real values

TREEEC MONEY is not just an alternative cryptocurrency, but a universal monetary system that moves towards value, sustainability, responsibility and fairness. Neither interest nor speculation can take place.

TREEEC MONEY will be covered exclusively by TREEEC cooperative shares, and those will be brought back into TREEEC’s money cycle. Both, TREEEC MONEY (TRM) and its cooperative shares compose a system based on real values where sustainable investments, businesses and real assets are intertwined. TREEEC MONEY is much safer and relevant than any other alternative cryptocurrency or outdated FIAT currency.  

Aside from the already established foundation, cooperative foundation and company society, we are still honing all TREEEC’s services and applications. Once those are up and running, the core of the system will be ensured for the stable functioning of TREEEC MONEY (TRM).

The value of TREEEC MONEY will not fluctuate at any point. The official price of TREEEC shares on the stock market, which is what is reflected on FIAT currencies, is what will wax and wane. FIAT money will become worthless over time, and the increasing success of TREEEC will cause its shares to rise accordingly. TREEEC MONEY is already set up in a way that it cannot become speculative.

In this phase, TREEEC MONEY (TRM) will be kicked off along with “dedicated” TREEEC eG cooperative shares. Later on, TREEEC shares will be transformed into the TREEEC financial company system’ shares.

TREEEC MONEY has the abbreviation TRM. Each unit TRM consists of 1,000 milliTRM (mTRM).

TREEEC MONEY and its guiding function

As the system evolves and grows in value, TREEEC MONEY (TRM) becomes more independent relative to the legacy of FIAT money. As the Dollar, Euro and other major currencies become devalued in the face of future financial crises or in the event of an emergency, TREEEC MONEY (TRM) takes over as the “lead player”. In other words, the system’s currency for all those involved in the system.

In this case, a stable and supranational “Domestic Market” arises among TREEEC members and partners (regardless of their country of origin and currency area). The currency and settlement system with TREEEC MONEY (TRM) will ease the exchange of goods and services, enabling safe and profitable “exports” to the “old” economy.

The shares of TREEEC’s financial system, which replace cooperative shares, are not earmarked for stock exchange listings or dividend distributions. FIAT money will always transform the purchase price of the share, and so TREEEC MONEY (TRM) will continuously rise. While the value of TREEEC increases, FIAT money is subject to constant depreciation and devaluation.

No interest, no inflation, no price increases

Within the TREEEC community, the value of TREEEC MONEY (TRM) remains constant for goods and services since there is no interest, inflation or price increases. In fact, the following factors create a cheaper functioning for TREEEC: an increase in competitiveness of affiliated companies outside the system, as well as TREEEC’s safe settlement system without payment failures.

The more companies that join this economy as well as TREEEC WORLD PROJECT, the lower the need to do business transactions in currencies other than TREEEC MONEY (TRM).

Fortuitously, the advantage for the National Treasury comes in higher tax revenues as profits generated by the affiliated companies with TREEEC would increase. For the public sector, TREEEC will shape public-private partnerships. Evidently, it offers convincing solutions and especially in terms of infrastructure.

TREEEC MONEY (TRM) is a win-win model for everyone involved, whether it is within the private, business or public sphere