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TREEEC - T:XCHANGE the smart one settlement platform

T: XCHANGE is the smart one settlement platform

For using TREEEC MONEY and with many more features


For payments, billing, smart contracts, Participations and personal information

Members and partners get one account with T: ACCOUNT which is combined with the platform T: XCHANGE that serves as a prerequisite to use TREEEC MONEY (TRM). Through T: XCHANGE, members and partners can conduct all sorts of payments, money transfers, business, and exchange value-added services within TREEC’s Economic Community as well as with external communities.

No interest, fixed settlement fees and free services

In accordance with the principle of operating a completely interest-free money and financial model, T:XCHANGE works with fixed settlement fees. Money transfers within the system as online transfers from T:ACCOUNT to T:ACCOUNT are even completely free of charge, even from country to country. However, T:XCHANGE only conducts justified and value-based transactions based on the real economy. Financial speculation is not possible.

Privacy and individual data sharing

TREEEC gives the utmost importance to the protection of personal data through the T: XCHANGE platform. This platform allows all members and users to manage their online data in an effective, secured and customized way at any point in time. TREEEC only collects data that is mandatory as well as essential to the functioning of the platform; for everything else, the user personally decides what can be released. The data release can also be carried out for a limited period of time for the use of a certain system performance and then be switched off after time setting or individually. In an emergency, all necessary data for assistance and rescue can be easily activated via a mobile phone.

Large scope of services and high performance

Closing contracts, transactions and payments with this platform allow members and business partners to enjoy peace of mind. The secure, fast and successful T: XCHANGE platform works across borders with fairness. T: XCHANGE will be a smart information platform for personal use that will be based on TREEEC’s principle of sustainability. Parts of the developed designation “Q: MANGER” are included in means affiliated to TREEC, and are currently found in beta. Besides this, TREA which is an artificial intelligence assistant will facilitate the use of T: XCHANGE. 

Account management and payment transactions

Account management of TREEEC MONEY (TRM) as well as transfers and payments are made exclusively within the system. Nevertheless, there is an interface between TREEEC and external financial institutions which takes care of payment receipts and outflows of money in fiat currencies. This interface allows for the possibility of dealing with legal matters outside of TREEEC as well. In short, you can use banking services while they are still needed.

TREEEC MONEY can be purchased anytime in FIAT-Money change

T: XCHANGE ensures that TREEEC MONEY (TRM) can be converted into conventional currencies at any time, and into liquidity of fiat money as well. Given that the value of TREEEC MONEY (TRM) shares will be connected to the Stock Exchange, its respective exchange rate will be clearly defined. Before establishing the stock exchange listings, the shares are the promised exchange. Debts and liabilities of the members and partners with companies outside of TREEEC’s space will be settled.

The management and realization of Smart Contracts

The conclusion and management of Smart Contracts

TREEEC makes use of Smart Contracts with connected units from TREEEC MONEY (TRM), and these play an important role. T: XCHANGE offers the necessary tools to easily automate, manage and almost automatically settle Smart Contracts. The front end is designed in a way so that neither technical knowledge nor general knowledge about the blockchain is required for the usage of Smart Contracts. To make it even more convenient, users only have to focus on their own purposes while using them.

For instance, in business transactions, and especially in “comitology business”, a very sophisticated form of Smart Contracts is used. Yet, TREEEC makes them available and uses them in a more straightforward way so that it can provide solutions and services to its members and partners in its project areas as well as in their own projects. Our members can make use of Smart Contracts via their T: XCHANGE and their associated T: ACCOUNT.

The trading and management platform for dedicated TRM and corporate investments

T: XCHANGE will also serve to prop “dedicated” TREEEC MONEY (TRM) units connected to projects through Smart Contracts, and one of the parties involved can document and manage the relation.  So, people who buy “dedicated” TREEEC MONEY (TRM) units will be following purchase and sales functions, as well as continually keeping track of their holdings performance and proceeds obtained from them. Similarly, this will be for shareholdings used by our Business Partners in companies. Last but not least, T: XCHANGE has an additional function of integrated portfolio management with the Stock Exchange.

TREA, the AI assistant helps the users

TREA is a virtual, interactive assistant that uses an AI algorithm to learn independently and to operate the supported processing platform for our users. TREA analyzes users’ activities and patterns of action to propose possible courses of action in advance.

For example, it accompanies our members and partners in the first steps of processes such as asset management, closure of smart contracts, settlement of transactions, as well as with other services and projects offered within the TREEEC community. In critical cases, TREA can even replace employees in the service industry.

However, always contact people for assistance at the nearest service points available or, alternatively, contact members and partners of TREEEC.