The Survival Formula
for Billionaires

Tai Kriegeskotte

ai Kriegeskotte

Under the title “XYZ – The Survival Formula for Billionaires” Tai Kriegeskotte gives instructions for action for the small but exclusive group of particularly wealthy people and shows concrete possibilities of how they can survive disruptive social and economic changes and even the apocalypse and save their status. After all, what if money no longer has any value?

The author draws on decades of experience in connection with an ultimate “survival system” for this exclusive target group and as a consultant for very special solutions to problems that are not usually talked about. In addition, as a journalist he has had access to background information like few others and has remarkable international contacts “to power”.

The work consists of the book, a “key” to be able to use all the information, and an associated confidential conversation with the author, in which the reader receives a personal explanation how to use the “key”.

In principle, the book can be purchased by anyone. However, in order to receive the “key” to the “locked” information, the reader must belong to the directly addressed target group of particularly wealthy persons and be listed or be able to be listed accordingly with DIPLOMATIC. For the Ultimate edition, the reader must not be on the KTP-KXAIROS exclusion list.

Anyone who now thinks that someone has lost the grip on reality does not (yet) know the form of the publication and what options are associated with it. The information of the work has an inestimable value for those who can afford it.

The edition is divided into two: 

  • 120 copies for people who have verifiable assets of
     1 billion or more US dollars
  • 12 copies for people with assets of at least
     10 billion US dollars (Private Edition)

The Survival Formula for Billionaires

X:Paper + „Key“ + Advisement
Format 230 x 315 mm

Purchase price: 1.200.000 EUR